Všeobecné praktické lékařství Praha

General Practitioners Prague

Medici di Base Praga

Price list of services not covered by public health insurance

Examination for a driving licence
550 CZK
Examination for a gun licence
480 CZK
Physical examination for active participation in sports events
200 CZK
Examination of medical fitness of an individual over 65 for driving (private vehicle) purposes
200 CZK
Vystavení zdravotního průkazu
350 CZK
Examination for adoption
350 CZK
Copying 1 page
10 CZK
Examination in a foreign language besides czech (english, italian) for non VIP/Premium
350 CZK
Medical report for administrative purposes
350 CZK
Medical report using an insurer's form
350 CZK
Calculation of reparation money and compensation for weakened social capability below 300 points / over 300 points
350 / 500 CZK
Extract from medical documents
350 CZK
Spa – voucher for private patients
780 CZK
Vaccination not covered by the public health insurance (does not include the vaccine)
200 CZK
Application of a physiological regulating medicine hypodermic syringe (MD)
150 CZK
Infusion based on the content – C vitamin, Multivitamin, B1 vitamin, ion balance, ...
from 1050 CZK
Soft tissue and mobilisation techniques
450 CZK
Occult gastrointestinal bleeding test for patients under 50, or for patients over 50 at intervals shorter than once every two years
360 CZK
Examination – 24-hour blood pressure monitoring upon the patient's request
450 CZK
Quick INR examination
200 CZK
CRP examination
180 CZK
Helicobacter pylori rapid test
200 CZK
Extract from medical documents (in 10 working days)
350 CZK
Extract from medical documents express (in 48 hours)
550 CZK
Employee's medical check-up
600 CZK
Admission application certificate
60 CZK
Driving fitness examination (company car)
200 CZK
Gun licence examination
500 CZK
250 CZK
Urine test
100 CZK
Specific examination
form 500 CZK
Writing a prescription
130 CZK
Comprehensive medical examination + issuance of a medical report
1050 CZK
Occult gastrointestinal bleeding test
360 CZK
COVID-19 Ab RAPID TEST – antibodies from a drop of blood
from 750 CZK
COVID-19 Ag RAPID TEST – nasal swab, result in 30 minutes
200 CZK
COVID-19 PCR test – nasal swab, result in 48 hours
1180 CZK
COVID-19 certificate printing
100 CZK
COVID-19 entry of foreign vaccination in the ISIN system
100 CZK